16 Dec 2009

Flag custodians looking at how to deal with demand

10:20 pm on 16 December 2009

The custodians of the tino rangatiratanga flag are working out how they will keep up with demand now that Cabinet has approved it to fly alongside the New Zealand flag at significant sites on Waitangi Day.

The red, and black flag with a white koru - designed by Hiraina Marsden, Jan Dobson and Linda Munn - won a 1990 competition by the Kawariki protest group to design a national Maori flag.

The Maori Party MP and Kawariki founder Hone Harawira says it was made available for use by kura, marae, sports teams and other Maori groups.

"We've been happy for that but it's now got to the situation where there's considerable money being made out of it."

He says one idea is a trust for the continuation of Maori artistic design.