17 Dec 2009

Coromandel wants possum trapping to replace 1080

4:46 pm on 17 December 2009

The Thames-Coromandel District Council is lobbying the Minister of Conservation to consider wider use of hunting and trapping to control possums instead of using the poison 1080.

The local authority says it will advocate for animal pest control without residual poisons in situations where fur harvesting could create jobs.

The Coromandel Colville Community Board says the district is already an example of the effectiveness of hunting and trapping.

The district mayor, Philippa Barriball, says the possum merino industry needs more fur to meet international demand.

She says the council hasn't taken a position on the use of 1080, but does believe jobs can be created if hunting and trapping are allowed on a larger scale.

Ms Barriball says parts of the peninsula are ideally suited to possum trapping.