13 Aug 2010

One case of new superbug in NZ confirmed

5:38 pm on 13 August 2010

The Ministry of Health has confirmed there has been one case of the new superbug NDM-1 in New Zealand.

The patient was treated at an Auckland hospital earlier this year and at the time of admission had just returned from India where he had been hospitalised.

The ministry says the patient was managed appropriately and did not pose any risk to other patients.

A Ministry of Health doctor, John Holmes, could not speak about that specific case, but says it is constantly advising clinicians about the superbug threat.

A recent paper in medical journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases says NDM-1, which resists even the strongest antibiotics, is now widespread in India and Pakistan.

Three cases of the superbug have so far been recorded in Australia, while other cases have been recorded in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.