19 Nov 2009

Annual rental mooted for power-line affected farms

8:30 am on 19 November 2009

Federated Farmers says annual rent payments for rural land affected by transmission line projects could result from an agreement with the national grid operator Transpower.

The deal means farmers who are getting a one-off sum for disturbance to their land will still be eligible for any ongoing payments if a system of annual compensation is adopted.

Farmers have been unhappy about transmission lines on their land for years, saying their property is devalued and farming practices are affected.

Many are still in dispute over Transpower's plans for the Whakamaru to Auckland transmission line.

Federated Farmers has now negotiated a sunset clause. The organisation's electricity spokesperson, Phil York, says it is a fresh move towards getting a change to the system from the Government.

A paper will be presented to Government this month on what it would cost Transpower to pay annual rentals.