16 Jul 2013

Parole Board decides child murderer still high-risk

10:42 am on 16 July 2013

The Parole Board says a man who abducted and murdered a Christchurch schoolgirl more than two decades ago continues to be a high risk sexual offender.

Peter Holdem was convicted of the murder in 1986 of six-year-old Louisa Damodran. She disappeared while walking home from Bromley School and her body was found in the Waimakariri River three weeks later.

The Parole Board has released its decision on its hearing for Holdem, held earlier this month. It says he has little support in the community and remains a high risk sexual offender.

The board considered a psychological report which describes Holdem as predatory and opportunistic. The report says despite extensive treatment, he has made little progress and isn't suitable for other rehabilitative programmes.

Parole has been declined, and the board will consider in the next three months whether to postpone another hearing for up to three years.