15 Mar 2014

Alpine Fault quake risk 'increasing'

1:14 pm on 15 March 2014

People in Canterbury have been warned that while the likelihood of localised earthquakes is reducing, the risk of a major shake along the Alpine Fault is increasing.

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Christchurch City Council hosted a community forum on Saturday on the risks the city and the region face from natural hazards like earthquakes, floods and tsunamis.

Hazards analyst Peter Kingsbury said while the region is heading into a period of reduced seismicity of faults near the city, quakes centred in the Southern Alps are an increasing risk.

He said climate change and the extreme weather events it creates will remain a thorn in Christchurch's side.

The city's mayor, Lianne Dalziel, opened the meeting by asking quake and flood hit residents to look beyond their individual situations and consider how communities should best respond to hazard issues.

She said the council was working to produce sensible and consistent solutions to challenges thrown up by the natural environment.