1 Jan 2010

Busy night for police in Wellington

3:59 pm on 1 January 2010

Police in Wellington had a busier New Year night than in previous years - partly because of the fine weather.

Fifty-five arrests were made overnight, mostly for disorderly behaviour and breaches of a liquor ban.

Crowds gathered to welcome in the new year at a concert at Civic Square.

However, Inspector Simon Perry says things got busy after the event finished at midnight.

Officers were kept occupied with mostly minor offending, including disorderly behaviour, fighting and traffic offending.

Other centres

In contrast, police in central Auckland at a fireworks display from the Sky Tower, say the rate of arrest there was lower than for a normal Saturday evening.

In Christchurch, an estimated 10,000 people were in Cathedral Square where the only arrests were for minor misdemeanours.

Police in Dunedin say they were impressed by a lack of problems at celebrations in the Octagon.