2 Jan 2010

India issuing tourist visas on arrival

5:35 pm on 2 January 2010

New Zealand tourists travelling to India no longer have to get visas in advance.

Since 1 January, visitors from New Zealand, Japan, Finland, Luxembourg and Singapore have been able to get single-entry visas at airports in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

Previously, New Zealanders had to pay $NZ90 and wait five working days for Indian tourist visas.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says 30 day visas will be issued on an experimental basis for one year.

Last week, India backed down on tough new visa rules after an outcry from foreign missions.

Those regulations were apparently prompted by the arrest of an American citizen, who was charged with helping to plan the attacks on Mumbai in 2008. He had visited India several times on a five-year multiple-entry visa.