12 Jan 2010

Bowls team found guilty of throwing part of game

3:34 pm on 12 January 2010

The New Zealand four men's bowls team has been found guilty of throwing part of a game at last year's Asia-Pacific bowls tournament.

After months of investigation, Bowls New Zealand has ruled the team tried to throw an end in a game against Thailand.

Skipper Gary Lawson denies he and his team - Jamie Hill, Shane Sincock and Shanon McIlroy - threw part of the game at the championships in Kuala Lumpur last year.

He told Summer Report he does not believe Bowls New Zealand has treated his team fairly and it will take a long time for the wounds that have been opened up to heal.

Lawson says it is difficult to make decisions about his future until the penalty is announced.

Bowls New Zealand chairman John Carter says the behaviour of the four was a terrible example to other players and he hopes the ruling makes it clear such conduct won't be tolerated.

Bowls New Zealand will be making submissions to the judicial committee on the penalty to be imposed on the players.

Former world bowls champion Phil Skoglund, who has played high-level bowls for five decades, says the format of the tournament is at fault, not the players.