12 Jan 2010

P lab discovered in exclusive Auckland suburb

5:37 pm on 12 January 2010

Police in Auckland have discovered a "P" lab operating in one of the city's more exclusive suburbs.

Officers raided the townhouse-style building in Remuera's Victoria Avenue on Tuesday morning, where they discovered a methamphetamine laboratory.

They are interviewing two men and a woman who were at the property and who will appear in court on Wednesday on drug-related charges.

The arrested people and six officers had to go through decontamination showers.

Police say they had been looking into what was going on at the townhouse after information from the Crimestoppers hotline.

They say any building in which such labs are operating is potentially dangerous to nearby residents and neighbouring properties.

Sergeant Tim Lockwood says the discovery was no surprise, despite the area being considered exclusive.

"Methamphetamine production can happen anywhere and involve people from all walks of life. So it's not a big surprise that we might come across a clandestine lab in an area such as Remuera."

Mr Lockwood says no street or suburb is safe from the methamphetmine industry and the problems associated with it.