14 Jan 2010

Solicitor-General holds off on action against blogger

10:01 pm on 14 January 2010

Internet blog writer Cameron Slater will not face contempt of court proceedings in the immediate future but the Solicitor-General's office says it may pursue court action if he persists in releasing suppressed information.

Police have already charged Mr Slater for publishing information that might identify people with name suppression.

Mr Slater, who writes the Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog, already faces four charges of breaching suppression orders and one of publishing information that could lead to the victim of a crime being identified.

Those charges are over posts in his blog that police believe could lead to the identification of an entertainer and a sportsperson who have been granted name suppression.

The Solicitor-General says he supports the criminal proceedings but will not be taking contempt proceedings of his own.

Earlier this week, Mr Slater posted another blog entry regarding the identity of a person granted name suppression in Nelson.

Police are investigating that incident, but no charges have been laid.