29 Jan 2010

Library's internet collection 'won't breach privacy'

8:47 am on 29 January 2010

The National Library says its 'Web Harvest' programme will not expose private whakapapa information to the public gaze.

The head of the Maori Internet Society has raised concerns about the way the project will handle sensitive information.

National Digital Library acting director Sue Sutherland says the programme, scheduled for April, collects information already in the public domain.

That means the library doesn't need to consult Maori, she says, although people can raise concerns through its website.

Ms Sutherland told Waatea News more and more material is published in the digital domain alone and if it is not kept, a large part of New Zealand culture and way of life will be lost to future generations.

Ms Sutherland says site owners retain the copyright for the material on their pages collected by the library.