1 Feb 2010

Dunedin council scales back rate rises

7:45 pm on 1 February 2010

The Dunedin City Council has reduced proposed rates increases for the next two financial years by deferring capital projects.

The council is cash-strapped due to previous funding decisions, including the construction of a $200 million sports stadium.

On Monday, it voted to defer a $45 million redevelopment of the town hall and Dunedin Centre by a year, and to defer an extension to the changing rooms at sporting facility Logan Park indefinitely.

The council made no changes to the timeline of the Tahuna wastewater upgrade and the refurbishment of the Otago Settlers Museum.

It decided not to reduce funding levels for the public library. It had considered cutting the budget by $300,000, which would have resulted in job losses and reduced opening hours.

The council's projected rate increase of 7.3% and 10.9% for the next two financial years have been revised to 5.2% and 8.9%.