3 Feb 2010

Telecom may have to pay more in XT compensation

2:49 pm on 3 February 2010

Telecom may have to pay more than the $5 million it has offered in a compensation package for last week's failure of its mobile XT service.

Many customers were left without services for up to three days because of the failure.

Prepaid customers are offered between $10 to $20 credit and up to two weeks worth of plan charges. Business customers will get a month's worth of charges as a credit.

Southland farmer John Pemberton, who uses XT, says his phone is still missing calls.

The Telecommunications Users Association says the offer is fair, but many bigger companies will have lost a lot of business and are likely to seek separate talks about the issue with Telecom.

Consumer New Zealand also says the offer is fair, but says the company will have its work cut out when trying to rebuild confidence in the service.