8 Feb 2010

Hundreds more tasers on the way for police use

3:31 pm on 8 February 2010

Police are preparing to issue tasers to officers around the country, beyond the four districts in which they are used at present.

Thirty-two tasers have been allocated in Auckland's three police districts and in Wellington, and a further 650 will soon be issued to police nationwide.

Police operational services manager, Superintendent John Rivers, says 350 officers have been trained to use tasers and that number is expected to increase 10-fold over the next two months.

Following a year-long trial, the taser was officially introduced to the police a year ago. Superintendent Rivers says since then, tasers have been deployed 132 times but fired on only 10 occasions.

John Rivers says each weapon will be mounted with a camera that will record audio and video every time the taser fired.