11 Jul 2008

Many Aucklanders support supercity model

8:04 pm on 11 July 2008

Thousands of Aucklanders have had their say on how the region should be run in future, with many supporting the idea of a 'supercity'.

The Royal Commission on Auckland Governance held the last of its submissions hearings yesterday, and will now consider possible options.

As part of that process, members will travel to a number of places where the supercity model has been adopted.

Auckland City Council favours the idea, which would combine all eight of the region's local government bodies.

Commission chair Peter Salmon, says analysing the 3,500 submissions will be a formidable task. He says the commissioners have no pre-conceived ideas.

Waiheke Islanders want more autonomy

Waiheke Islanders have asked the Royal Commission for more autonomy - but most have stopped short of demanding complete separation from Auckland City.

The commission convened on the island on Thursday for the last of its submissions hearings to decide how the region will be shaped.

Waiheke Island, in the Hauraki Gulf, is part of the Auckland City Council but is 40 minutes away by ferry.

Waiheke Community Board deputy chairman Tony Sears says there is widespread cynicism about the Auckland council.

He says islanders want more power over their own affairs no matter what the commissioners decide about the region's governance.