11 Jul 2008

Spate of Auckland service station burglaries

12:00 pm on 11 July 2008

A two-man crime wave has netted more than $40,000 in the past two months in a succession of service station robberies.

Police believe the pair are responsible for almost 20 break-ins at non-24 hour service stations in East Auckland and the North Shore.

Police are also looking into whether the pair - one causcasian the other Pacific Islander - could be behind similar crimes in West Auckland.

Senior Sergeant Andrew Berry says one of the first burglaries in Howick netted $25,000.

"They may have started out testing out their methods - I think now they've honed their skill and they're offending as quickly as they can, probably knowing deep down that they are going to get caught sooner rather than later."

Senior Sergeant Berry says Howick police are stepping up patrols of service stations.