20 Jul 2015

Opera singer applauded on world stage

9:29 pm on 20 July 2015

One of New Zealand's most successful opera singers has been recognised on the world stage.

Darren Pene Pati

Darren Pene Pati Photo: Wikipedia / Egghead06

Opera group Sole Mio's Darren Pene Pati was awarded second place at Operalia, Placido Domingo's prestigious opera competition, this morning in London.

Operalia auditions more than 1000 voices from around the world each year

In a Facebook video, Pati described winning, and his pride in receiving the coveted audience award.

"One of my best feelings was standing in the limelight on the stage when they called the audience prize and to feel such love - and to feel, you know, people really loving what you do."

He received $20,000 and a watch as his prizes in the competition.