2 Sep 2015

Sisters continue fight to name abuser

8:42 pm on 2 September 2015

Two sisters fighting to lift the name suppression on their abuser say the order was not put in place for the benefit of the offender.

The man was convicted 20 years ago of sex crimes against Karen Beaumont and Anne-Marie Forsyth, who won a court case last year getting suppression lifted on their own names.

The sisters, who were abused as children in the 1970s, have returned to the High Court in Christchurch to try to lift name suppression on the man.

Their lawyer, Nikki Pender, said the suppression order was made inappropriately and ceased to be appropriate once the women's own suppression was lifted.

"Certainly in the 90s, when this case was, where it was simply seen as convenient to give the offender name suppression as well as the victims if there was that close connection and the risk of identifying them by identifying him," she said.

The sisters argued the name suppression was only ever for their benefit, never his, and they did not need it any more so he should not have it.

Justice Mander reserved his judgement after today's hearing.