14 Sep 2015

Police will call out drivers using mobile phones

9:34 am on 14 September 2015

A nationwide police crackdown on drivers using mobile phones and other distractions has begun.

Last year 22 people were killed and 191 seriously injured in accidents caused by drivers being distracted at the wheel.

Texting driver

Photo: 123rf

National road policing manager Steve Greally said the police were looking out for drivers who don't have their eyes on the road.

Mr Greally said all activity which caused distraction such as using a cellphone, reading or putting on makeup, would be targeted.

Offending drivers can be charged with careless driving, and risk losing their license or facing a $3,000 fine.

Mr Greally said the police had seen an increase in the numbers of people using cellphones since it became illegal.

"Since 2009 when it became illegal, we've seen a 273 percent increase in detected offences and - that's horrific as I'm sure you would agree - and police can't be everywhere all the time."

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Photo: AFP

Mr Greally said drivers were being encouraged to contact the traffic offence line on *555 if they saw drivers using their cellphones.

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