18 Nov 2008

Morning Report: local papers

6:23 am on 18 November 2008

Tuesday's papers: drug mix-up at Wanganui Hospital in 2006 contributed to the death of Canadian; fresh faces promoted over former ministers in new Cabinet; fresh bid by widow to regain body of husband.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald says incoming Prime Minister John Key has rewarded up-and-coming MPs in his first Cabinet, promoting several fresh faces over more-experienced colleagues and former ministers.

The 'biggest bolter' is seen as Waitakere MP Paula Bennett, entrusted with the Ministry of Social Development.

Also on the front page is the story of a new ovarian hormone fertility test which will tell women how long they should delay having children. A new blood test - more sensitive than the existing method - has been available overseas for several years and is now on offer here.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post reports that a drug mix-up at Wanganui Hospital in 2006 contributed to the death of a Canadian man visiting for his son's wedding.

John Taylor was admitted to Wanganui Hospital with heart and kidney problems, but his health deteriorated after a nurse gave him another patient's medication.

Red light runners face automatic fines if they are caught on traffic cameras proposed for the worst crash zones in Wellington.

The Press

The Press says Mr Key will set out performance and behaviour standards to a largely inexperienced Cabinet when it meets for the first time on Wednesday.

Developer David Henderson has survived another close shave with Inland Revenue, with an application for liquidation of one of his companies being adjourned.

Widow Denise Clark - whose husband's body was taken by his Maori relatives - has begun a fresh bid to have the body returned.

The Princess Royal is pictured inspecting troops at Burnham Military Camp on Monday.


The Otago Daily Times says Mr Key's first cabinet shows a clear intention to move the Government more to the right of the political spectrum than had previously been signalled.

A Night'N Day Foodstore in the Octagon has been refused a liquor licence in what is believed to be the first test of a ruling which denies licences to convenience stores.