23 Nov 2008

Put aside prejudices about Auckland, appeals Commission

12:50 pm on 23 November 2008

Jafa jibes and gags about spotless SUVs could be a thing of the past if the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance gets its way.

It has been charged with coming up with a better way to run Auckland than the current system of eight councils.

Commission chair Peter Salmon says if the city is going to be a true success it needs the help of all New Zealanders, and is calling on the rest of the country to shelve its prejudices and get behind the City of Sails.

"There's a very natural inclination to think that all the attention is being paid to Auckland and other places are missing out.

"Somehow or other we've got to get over that problem and realise that we're all in this together."

Mr Salmon says like it or not Auckland is good for the country.

The commission has until April to report back with its findings and has just completed a tour of comparable world cities.