4 May 2010

Principals unable to identify students in fight

9:18 pm on 4 May 2010

Gisborne school principals shown cellphone footage of a fight between students in Gisborne have been unable to identify the students involved.

The principals of the city's four main high schools met with police on Tuesday to view the recording.

Police say numerous onlookers were attracted to the fight on Friday by text messages and they would like anyone with footage to come forward.

The chairwoman of Gisborne principals' committee and head of Gisborne Girls' High School, Heather Gorrie, told Nine to Noon that students need to be taught how to use mobile phones responsibly.

"This is a national phenomena now where kids with high-powered phones and the advent of Bluetooth means that fight images or any images can be very rapidly passed around by students."

Ms Gorrie says students need to know that cellphone-recorded evidence can be used against them and that assault charges would not be out of the question.