6 May 2010

Gambling commission suspends charitable foundation

12:04 pm on 6 May 2010

A nationwide charitable foundation has been suspended for giving almost $480,000 to one of its trustees to enlist lucrative gambling venues.

Other trustees of the Trusts Charitable Foundation ran up expenses totalling almost $1000 a month on restaurant and bar bills and other hospitality.

The foundation will have to shut down its 900 gaming machines for six days. The period was increased from two days after it appealed to the Gambling Commission.

Separately, the Commission upheld the suspension of Southern Trust's 900 gaming machines for five days for exceeding maximum payouts to venues for refurbishments.

The Commission heard trusts felt compelled to compete with each other to maximise proceeds and ensure their financial survival as the number of high turnover venues fell.

The trusts argued that the penalties were unfair as the practice was widespread in the industry.