14 Dec 2008

Basin Reserve flyover backed by Mayor

2:43 pm on 14 December 2008

Wellington Mayor Kerry Prendergast says it's clear a flyover at the Basin Reserve is the best option to streamline cross-town traffic.

The $33 million project is part of a regional transport strategy for the capital.

Ms Prendergast says freeing-up cross-city traffic is critical to Wellington's future.

She says designers and engineers have in the past weeks discussed options which could help ease traffic flow around the Basin Reserve and a flyover on State Highway One is best.

Wellington City Council member and Basin Reserve trustee, John Morrison, says he supports a flyover as long as the landscaping matches the basin's history and aesthetics.

But another city councillor, Iona Pannett of the Green Party, says New Zealand needs to reduce traffic to become carbon neutral - not build new roads.

Public consultation is expected to be held by mid next year.