20 Dec 2008

Mana regained by purchase at Shelly Bay

6:15 am on 20 December 2008

Joy at the settlement of a long standing Treaty claim with Maori taking over a former Defence Force base at Shelly Bay is mixed with sadness for those behind the claim.

Dr Ngatata Love, who chairs the Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust, says it will give Maori back the mana they have not always felt when all of their traditional sites were in the hands of the city.

The trust is purchasing the 4.5 hectare waterfront site in Wellington. It is valued at more than $10 million.

Dr Love says it holds huge potential for development.

He says the trust has a good history of working with private sector developers on a joint venture basis and will control what is done with any development.

Waatea News reports the trust has given an assurance the community will have access to the former base.