20 Dec 2008

Three men on a boat

5:11 pm on 20 December 2008

Three people have been rescued after their boat took on water north of Auckland.

The police were called just after 11am on Saturday after the vessel overturned just south of Gulf Harbour.

The trio were found just before midday and brought back to land.

A Westpac rescue helicopter, a fixed wing aircraft, three Coastguard vessels and police were involved in the search.

They found the men clinging to the hull of their up-turned boat.

All three were wearing life jackets.

Coastguard spokesperson Stephanie Traill says the trio were lucky to have been found, considering their cell phone was damaged by water before they could give emergency services their exact location.

Ms Traill says the men would have been better served if they had a marine VHF radio on board and could have alerted other boaties in the area.