23 Dec 2008

Second knife found in case of slain prostitute

1:18 pm on 23 December 2008

Police have found a second knife in their investigation into the killing of a prostitute in Christchurch.

The body of Ngatai Lynette Manning, 27, also known as Mellory Manning, was found in the Avon River on Friday.

She had extensive injuries. Post-mortem results show she was dead before her body was put into the river.

On Monday, police said a pocket knife had been found close to her body.

Now a second knife has been found in the river near Dallington Terrace and is being forensically tested. It was about 100 metres from where her body was found.

Police say they are still keen to hear from members of the public who may have seen anything relevant to the case.

Ms Manning was last seen alive on Thursday night.

Police have also revealed more about Ms Manning's injuries but have asked that this information not be published until her family and friends have been given the details.

Previous killings

Three prostitutes have been killed in Christchurch in the past three years.

The body of one of them was dumped in the same area of the Avon River.