3 Jan 2009

Campsite 'may close' after New Year assault

12:23 pm on 3 January 2009

Taupo mayor Rick Cooper says a popular camping ground may be closed if violent behaviour there continues.

Two people were assaulted at the Reid's Farm campsite after a fight broke out between two groups of drunken youths.

The attack left a 20-year-old woman with concussion, and a 21-year-old man with cuts to his hands and head. Both were taken to Taupo Hospital.

Police believe a knife, wooden bat and bottles were used during the fight among the drunken youths.

Mr Cooper said the council will not tolerate violent behaviour.

"If the council keeps receiving reports of anti-social behaviour Reid's Farm will be closed down ... I'm simply not going to have the minority wrecking it for the majority."

Mr Cooper said the council made a number of changes in September to try to make the camping ground safer, including appointing a caretaker.

He says the council won't make a decision on its future until later in the year.

Taupo police are urging anyone who saw the attack to make contact.