2 Jan 2009

Two separate police pursuits end in arrests

5:03 pm on 2 January 2009

A police pursuit of a 15-year-old boy in Hamilton was abandoned after it was realised the teenager was unlicensed.

He crashed into three parked cars, injuring one woman, before he was eventually caught when he got stuck in traffic.

A spokesperson for Northern Police communications Inspector Barry Smalley says the youth had taken the car from his home after an argument with his mother.

Police pursued the teenager, who was speeding, through Seddon Park at 1.04pm on Friday for two minutes before the chase was abandoned.

The teenager will face traffic charges.

A woman is in Waikato Hospital with minor injuries.

And in another police pursuit on Friday afternoon, this time in Auckland, the chase ended with a stolen car crashing into a house.

The pursuit occurred in the Auckland suburb of Birkdale at about 2.50pm and lasted several minutes.

A North Shore police sergeant spotted a reported stolen vehicle and went in pursuit of the car.

The chase ended when the car crashed into a house.

The driver was caught and will face charges.