22 Apr 2017

Group says trucking industry 1000 drivers short

8:24 am on 22 April 2017

There is a chronic shortage of truck drivers which is leaving trucks parked up every day, an industry group says, and it is teaming up with the government to tackle the problem.


The National Road Carriers group said students should get their drivers licence as as part of the secondary school curriculum. Photo: RNZ

The National Road Carriers group said it believes more than 1000 drivers were needed around the country.

Its chief executive, David Aitken, said that with the government's help it would draw up a plan to get more drivers qualified for the heaviest class of trucks - where the shortage was greatest.

He said the plan would need to start with the basics, and would be drawn up over the next year.

"One of the things we need to look at is actually getting your class 1 licence as part of the school curriculum, maybe as part of the NZQA, and there are schools looking at that.

"Because you are seven times more likely to get a job if you've got your car licence."

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