25 May 2010

NZ man found in Thailand

3:40 pm on 25 May 2010

A New Zealand man missing for more than a week has been found in Thailand.

Karl Warhurst, 43, disappeared after being unable to return to his hotel room in Bangkok during last week's riots.

He has been found outside Bangkok in a confused and disorientated state.

Mr Warhurst travelled to Thailand from Christchurch three weeks ago ahead of his wife, Sharon, to find a place for them to live while they taught English there.

His sister, Cari Batenburg, says Mr Warhurst's last Facebook post mentioned he was unable to get back to his room because of the riots.

The family later received a call from a Bangkok hospital where he had been admitted in a confused state.

From there, his sister says it appears he wandered out and vanished. She says it's a relief to have him found alive, but hard not knowing what they're dealing with.

Ms Batenburg is now waiting for word from the New Zealand Embassy in Thailand so she can fly there to bring her brother home.