13 Jan 2009

Summer Report: local papers

11:42 am on 13 January 2009

Cabinet ministers to discuss the recession; woman convicted of being an accessory to murder in 2007 may be released on parole this week; injured teenager found in a ditch the day after a car crash.

The New Zealand Herald

Cabinet ministers are to discuss the recession later this week. Prime Minister John Key has called the economy the "dominant issue" this year.

The paper says the NZ Superannuation Fund fell 24% from July to November but is expected to rebound soon.

Actress Anna Paquin is pictured with her Golden Globe award for best actress in a television series. She stars in True Blood - a series about vampires that's not showing in New Zealand yet.

The Taranaki Daily News

The father of a child, aged three, who drowned in a pond of farm effluent last week, says the farmer who owns the pond is now going to fill it.

The Dominion Post

An injured teenager was found in a ditch by his father the day after a car crash in Palmerston North at the weekend. Michael Cribb's son was flung from the car, but the police did not see him at the scene, despite a search. His father found him the next morning. Police say they didn't know the boy was in the car.

Hundreds of New Zealanders are stranded in Fiji after the floods there.

The Press

The Health & Disability Commissioner is critical of police and health officials in Canterbury over the death of a mental health patient. The commissioner says Antony McKeown, who took his own life, was cared for poorly and the police were slow to prosecute

A man is pictured leaping from a helicopter to catch a rogue sheep on a high country station. The story explains the job of "bull-dogging" - rounding up runaway sheep from the air.

A burglar in Queenstown found the Central Otago heat all a little too much and removed his balaclava - in front of security cameras.

The Otago Daily Times

Police are treating a stabbing with the same seriousness as a homicide investigation because the woman's injuries were so severe.

An Owaka pest controller was crushed to death by a rock while he was laying bait.

A woman convicted of being an accessory to the murder of Michael Hutchings - who's body was found in a river in 2008 - may be released on parole this week. She is about half way through her two year sentence.