14 Jan 2009

Summer Report: local papers

7:40 am on 14 January 2009

Rental car bills parents of dead men for transporting their car from Fox Glacier; job losses expected this year due to the recession; Transmission Gully is again in doubt as alternative route to Wellington.

The New Zealand Herald

The parents of two men killed at Fox Glacier last week are being charged for the cost of transporting their rental car back to Christchurch because the keys are buried with their son under ice and rock. It quotes a West Coast policeman who says the company should have some sympathy.

A British ice skater was kept on life support for two days after she had died so she could give birth to her baby - born 25 weeks into her pregnancy.

Employers are warning of job losses this year in the face of recession.

The Dominion Post

Transmission Gully is again in doubt. The project is an alternative to the State Highway One coastal route to Wellington. New transport minister Stephen Joyce is reportedly not convinced of the road's merits - although stresses he's not ruling it out.

The paper has more on the economy and features plans for an art exhibition in Wellington by Aelita Andre aged two years. Her paintings have already been shown in Melbourne. Aelita uses brushes and fingers and even the occasional spatula.

The Press

Gloomy economic indicators are the lead story. Deutsche Bank chief economist Darren Gibbs forecasts unemployment could almost double to 8%.

A German television documentary about New Zealand depicts Christchurch as a city beset by hordes of boy racers.

The Timaru Herald

The Timary Bird Club has raised the money needed to save a bird aviary at Caroline Bay which it hopes will become a national feature

Timaru twice claimed last year's highest official temperature: 34.8 degrees.

The Otago Daily Times

Has more on the story of a car rental company passing extra charges on to the family of two men killed in an ice fall at Fox Glacier

Destination Queenstow has called on hotel operators not to cut prices in response to declining bookings.