2 Jun 2010

NZ aid-ship activist on her way out of Israel

9:35 pm on 2 June 2010

New Zealander Nicola Enchmarch, detained in Israel after the capture of an aid flotilla, was due to leave Israel overnight (NZ time).

At least nine people died when Israeli commandos stormed the flotilla in international waters, and 600 others on board were subsequently detained in Israel.

The Israeli ambassador in Wellington, Shemi Tzur, says Ms Enchmarch and some of the other captured activists have now been driven to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, where they were to be put on a flight to Turkey.

Earlier, New Zealand's honorary consul in Israel visited Ms Enchmarch in prison and found her in good health and being treated well.

Another ship determined to get through

An activist from the Free Gaza Movement says another ship taking humanitarian supplies to Gaza should be allowed to continue its journey.

Jenny Graham is on the Rachel Corrie, which plans to arrive in Gaza within the week with a cargo of cement, toys, school paper and books and medical supplies.

Ms Graham told Radio New Zealand those on board are determined to get through, particularly since theirs is the last ship able to do so.

She says they have worked out what they will do if boarded by the Israelis.