3 Jun 2010

Latest research should end rehabilitation of Green - Coney

4:05 pm on 3 June 2010

A health advocate who blew the whistle on what became known as the unfortunate experiment at National Women's hospital says the findings of new research should stop any bid to rehabilitate Dr Herbert Green's reputation.

An Otago University study has found women treated by Dr Green suffered profound harm, and had 10 times the risk of developing cervical cancer, as women treated before and after the period when Dr Green was conducting research on the disease.

Sandra Coney told Morning Report the study backs the Cartwright inquiry into Dr Green's research.

Auckland historian Linda Bryden has claimed in a book that Dr Green was unfairly vilified.

But Ms Coney said the new study spells out that Dr Green watched the progress of the women's disease without having a curative intent.