3 Jun 2010

Crown says Skinner lying about memory loss

9:40 pm on 3 June 2010

The Crown says a man accused of murdering an Auckland police officer is lying about his loss of memory the night in question.

John Skinner and Iain Clegg are charged with murdering Sergeant Don Wilkinson, who they caught trying to install a tracking device on his car in September 2008 in South Auckland. They are also charged with the attempted murder of another officer.

Mr Skinner gave evidence in the High Court in Auckland on Thursday, saying he could remember firing a shot from his airgun but very little detail after that.

He said he could remember very little about that night because he was very frightened as he chased the two officers, whom he believed were burglars.

But the Crown said that memory loss was just a convenient way to avoid difficult questions that would erode Mr Skinner's story.

Prosecutor Simon Moore told the court Mr Skinner did not want to admit he shot at Sgt Wilkinson's partner when his hands were raised in surrender.

And he says Mr Skinner must have known the airgun he used was powerful enough to kill.

Mr Skinner denies the allegations.