8 Jun 2010

Main stories in Tuesday's morning papers

2:19 pm on 8 June 2010

A mother and daughter killed in their home in Tauranga; a treasure trove of silent movies discovered in the Film Archive; wild weather sinks boats in Lyttelton harbour and closes roads in Otago.

New Zealand Herald

The front page focuses on the death of a mother and her child in Tauranga. The body of Ravnet Sangha was found in her home more than 20 hours before the body of her 18-month-old daughter Annawas discovered there too; it had been hidden.

Also on the front page: a former teacher in New Zealand holidaying in Britain's Lakes district survived being shot in the face by mass killer Derrick Bird.

Dominion Post

Tauranga taxi driver Dev Sangha is about to arrive back in New following the discovery of the bodies of his wife and daughter.

Also on the front page: a treasure trove of 75 early American silent movies has been discovered in the New Zealand Film Archive vaults.


Christchurch's daily leads with a storm that sank two boats in Lyttleton harbour. Wind gusts of up to 111 kilometres caused waves two metres high.

The Press also reports that it cost nearly $3 million to stage the Ellerslie International Flower Show this year. A breakdown of how the money was spent is still under wraps but the show lost $88,000.

Otago Daily Times

Heavy rain caused surface flooding and road closures in North Otago and around Dunedin on Monday.

Also on the front page: the Taieri Rugby Club was left with 1000 pies and 400 sausage rolls after a junior seven-a-side tournment was postponed because of the weather.