16 Jun 2010

Wednesday's front-page headlines

3:20 pm on 16 June 2010

Manukau mayor apologises for credit-card breaches; rivers are still being polluted despite a call for tougher rules; and the "greatest comeback in New Zealand sporting history".

New Zealand Herald

Manukau mayor Len Brown has apologised for credit-card breaches. The Herald says it emerged during a long council debate that Mr Brown continued to break rules after being warned by senior staff to provide correct documentation when using the card.

Police are hunting two elderly men suspected of stealing 19th- century collectibles from a Waikato antique store.

Dominion Post

The main front-page headline asks "Who will clean up our rivers of shame"? The paper says pollutants are still pouring into rivers, nearly two years after a national inquiry recommended tough rules for the protection of waterways.

A bible found by a British soldier in a World War 1 trench 93 years ago has been traced to its original New Zealand owner.

The Press

The front page tells readers to pinch themselves after the All Whites' 1-1 draw against Slovakia. Despite being outplayed for most of the second half, the paper says, the team made the greatest comeback in New Zealand sporting history.

Christchurch city councillor Sue Wells has criticised some fellow councillors who were hosted at a trotting club applying to install gaming machines.

Otago Daily Times

Incumbent mayor Peter Chin and city councillor Dave Cull will contest the city's mayoralty in October's local body elections. Mr Chin told the paper he will stand on his record, while Mr Cull says the city has been bereft of quality decision-making.