19 Jun 2010

Prison sentence for drug smuggler

6:24 am on 19 June 2010

A woman who tried to smuggle drugs into Auckland Prison on two separate occasions, has been sentenced to prison for 18 months.

Asher Panui was banned from the prison in July last year, when a prisoner she was visiting was found to have hidden drugs in his underwear.

The drugs were cannabis, ecstasy and methamphetamine.

Panui gave false identification to an official when she again tried to visit the prison last August.

A body search later that day uncovered drugs inside her bra and an iPod and screwdriver in her underwear.

Panui was convicted in the Whangarei District Court on Thursday on various charges of drug possession and supply.

The Corrections Department says it knows that the concealed drugs on both occasions, were intended for inmates who are gang members.