24 Jun 2010

Air NZ vows to fix check-in loophole quickly

8:00 pm on 24 June 2010

Air New Zealand says it's fixing a security loophole by means of which passengers can board domestic flights using other people's names.

An item in Wednesday's Campbell Live programme on TV3 showed a reporter checking in for an Air New Zealand self-check-in flight twice - once as Trade Minister Tim Groser and then as Transport Minister Steven Joyce.

The reporter also checked in a bag under Mr Joyce's name.

Air New Zealand says it's moving swiftly to prevent a repeat.

The programme also showed a Pacific Blue staff member issuing a ticket to a TV3 cameraman, even though the reporter had already checked in under the cameraman's name.

The airline says its staff spotted the breach as soon as the pair boarded the plane.

Authority seeks information

Mr Joyce says that the security breaches are disappointing and worrying and that it's a particular concern that unaccompanied baggage was checked onto the plane.

The Civil Aviation Authority has asked all three airlines for information about their check-in procedures. JetStar says it has procedures to detect any discrepancies.