5 Jul 2010

Another dwelling found for tenants of collapsing house

12:10 pm on 5 July 2010

A Porirua family served an eviction notice by Housing New Zealand after their house was found to be in danger of collapsing, has moved into another state house.

Deputy Mayor Litea Ah Hoi says while it is a happy ending for one family, hundreds of others are living in substandard state housing.

To'a Finau says the bedrooms of her old house in Warspite Avenue were so damp, the family of four was forced to sleep in the lounge.

When family members complained to Housing New Zealand, she says they were told to open some windows to let in fresh air and buy another heater.

It was only after a slip threatened the foundation that Housing New Zealand agreed it was uninhabitable.

Mrs Finau says they moved into their warm "new" home on Friday.

Deputy mayor Litea Ah Hoi says the eviction notice was a heavy-handed way to deal with the situation, which was not the family's fault.

Unfortunately, she says, their situation is not rare. She says the mouldy, damp condition of much of Housing New Zealand's stock is having an adverse effect on people's health.