6 Jul 2010

Sir John yet to be asked about renomination

3:30 pm on 6 July 2010

New Zealand Cricket says it's yet to discuss with its former chairman, Sir John Anderson, whether he's still prepared to be nominated for a top international post.

Former Australian prime minister John Howard was jointly nominated by Australian and New Zealand and Australia for the vice-presidency of the International Cricket Council (ICC) ahead of Sir John - New Zealand's original choice.

The nomination is usually rubberstamped by the ICC and the nominee then spends two years as vice-president before taking over the presidency, but this time the ICC rejected Mr Howard and demanded a new nominee.

New Zealand Cricket chief executive Justin Vaughan says the board will discuss what to do when it next meets in just over two weeks' time.

He says that president Allan Isaac will ask Sir John whether he's still available, but that that conversation won't happen till next week, because Mr Isaac's out of the country.