1 Jan 2018

Police commentary: 'We won't be dispatching to that'

2:49 pm on 1 January 2018

Canterbury Police have gone viral with their light-hearted commentary of New Year's celebrations in the district.

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Photo: Facebook / Canterbury Police

Posts on the district's Facebook page sporting the hashtag #NZPCanterburyNYE garnered more than 5500 likes and the Twitter account trended in New Zealand during the New Year revelry.

A police spokesperson said an officer working in Canterbury's District Command Centre was responsible for the (generally) well-received updates.

The gems included posts about police call-outs such as this: "We've had a disorder job called in - offender described as wearing a camo jumper. Our job update is, 'Currently can't see him'.

"So... that's the whole idea of wearing camouflage we guess. Not so good for us on this occasion but it's a well executed concept. #NZPCanterburyNYE"

There were also public service messages about the perils of touting booze and car rides online.

"We've explained to someone that you can't sell alcohol & taxi rides on Facebook when you're not licensed to do either. He couldn't work out how we tracked him down. To be fair, he used his own name and put his phone number on the post #NZPCanterburyNYE," the post said.

The account also detailed some of the evening's more trivial events which did not draw a police response.

"We've had a call that a four year old has hidden a cell phone and won't tell the informant where it is.

"So we haven't dispatched anyone to that," one post said.

"Someone's locked a toilet door. From the inside. We're not sure whether they're inside or outside.

"We won't be dispatching to that," another said.

The social media activity also led to the creation of a minor celebrity of Constable Calum Reid:

A police spokesperson said the district's police were kept busy throughout the night with 30 people being arrested and charged for a variety of offences.

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