17 Aug 2010

Fears of deepening recession in Northland

7:59 am on 17 August 2010

A number of Northland business people say the economic situation is getting worse in their region.

Retailers, car yards, service industries, and manufacturers say that business has slowed, in the past month, in some cases almost to a standstill.

A Whangarei boatyard owner says he is having the quietest winter in 20 years and can see none of the growth signs that are comforting economists.

Whangarei accountant Steve Bennet says he has had to take on extra staff to cope with business receiverships and liquidations, which have doubled in the last year.

Mr Bennet says Northland was hit by a summer drought that sucked at least $100 million out of the economy.

Enterprise Northland manager Jo Douglas says a lack of credit is causing the collapse of businesses that might otherwise have survived.