21 Jan 2018

Auckland stabbing 'revenge attack', say police

5:28 pm on 21 January 2018

A brawl in the Auckland suburb of Panmure last night where two people were stabbed was a revenge attack, police say.

The house on Tripoli Road in Panmure, where fighting broke out.

Tripoli Road in Panmure, where fighting broke out. Photo: RNZ / Eva Corlett

A large group of about 20 young adults arrived at the house 11.30pm, carrying a variety of weapons, including a least one hammer and one knife, Inspector Pascoe said.

The group then assaulted three people. One was stabbed in the arm, another in the back and one person received a "blunt force trauma".

The stabbings happened at the same house on Tripoli Road in Panmure where a man was critically injured after being hit by a car during a street brawl in the early hours of Saturday morning.

"They've gone into this property and they've smashed the windows, they've smashed cars, they've caused damage that means the occupants of this address can't reside here," Detective Inspector Aaron Pascoe said.

Two people remain in hospital, one is still unconscious and in a serious condition. Five people in total have been hospitalised because of the two attacks.

Police believe gangs were not involved, and Mr Pascoe said 17 investigators were working to find those involved in each of the attacks.

He said a stabbing victim last night had stayed with the injured person on Friday night until an ambulance arrived and helped lift the car off him, despite being from the opposing group.

"The person who sustained the most serious injuries was the one who had provided valuable assistance to the person most seriously injured on Friday night," he said.

The group seeking revenge targeted the wrong people, with very serious consequences, Mr Pascoe said. He urged the two groups involved not to incite further violence and leave the matter to the police.

Police are examining the property, where smashed cars sit in the driveway and glass bottles are lying on the front lawn.

Photo: RNZ / Eva Corlett

Today, police have been examining the property, where smashed cars sit in the driveway and glass bottles are lying on the front lawn.

They will conduct increased patrols in the area, Mr Pascoe said, and anyone who had seen suspicious behaviour should contact them.

Residents told RNZ that since the group of people moved into the house five months ago there had been parties most weekends.

A shop owner, who is too afraid to be named, said his shop had been badly damaged since the group moved in, and blood had been smeared on his signs.

A resident who has lived on a side street nearby for most of his life said the neighbourhood had always been quiet until now.

He said he drove past the house about 10pm last night and saw a number of people heading into what looked like a party.

"I thought to myself, that's going to end up being a fight," he said.