22 Jul 2010

Tagger killer to stay in prison

3:53 pm on 22 July 2010

A man who killed a teenage tagger in south Auckland in January 2008 has been denied parole.

In February last year, Bruce Emery was sentenced to four years and three months in prison for fatally stabbing Pihema Cameron, 15, who was spray-painting his property.

The Parole Board says Emery told its panel he has depression and that means he continues to present an undue risk.

The board says it wants to know how Emery's stress and depression translate into risk factors and has asked for a psychological report.

Emery is classed as a low-risk prisoner.

No rehabilitation programmes are available for him in prison and the Parole Board says there are problems with his eligibility for community programmes.

Emery will again appear before the board in four months.

His prison sentence is due to end in February 2013.