6 Aug 2010

Shareholders Assn wants more women company directors

7:02 am on 6 August 2010

The Shareholders Association has launched a campaign to increase the number of women directors on publicly listed companies.

Women make up only 8% of directors on the boards of the top 100 listed company in New Zealand, and the association says one of its top priorities this year is to improve this figure.

It is working alongside Women's Affairs Minister Pansy Wong who says claims by companies that there are not enough qualified women are rubbish.

Association board member Des Hunt says he and Ms Wong, have together drawn-up a list of at least 20 talented and qualified women, and will write to companies that are seen as being in need of a board shake-up, with recommendations.

Mr Hunt also says the Shareholders Association, which currently has no women on its board, is close to appointing two female members.