12 Aug 2010

NZOC 'reassured' over Commonwealth Games security

3:51 pm on 12 August 2010

The New Zealand Olympic Committee says it has been reassured security measures at the Commonwealth Games in India are strong despite renewed threats of possible terrorist attacks.

The committee has confirmed it has been made aware of Government diplomatic cables information showing a terrorist attack is possible on what has been called a 'soft target'.

New Zealand is sending 195 athletes and 100 officials to the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi in October.

There has been increasing concern over security after a series of terrorist incidents, including two bomb explosions outside the Indian cricket stadium in April which injured up to 15 people.

NZOC president Mike Stanley says the committee is continually assessing the security risk posed to athletes by terrorists and pulling out of the Games is not out of the question.

Mr Stanley says the committee attended a security conference on the Games recently and so far it is satisfied with the arrangements.

More threats expected

NZOG secretary general Barry Maister says there is nothing new about threats of possible terrorist attacks.

Mr Maister says the NZOC is well aware of India's history of domestic terrorism and that is why it is working so closely with government agencies, including police.

He says they believe they are getting good information and expect there will be more threats before the Games begin.