4 Feb 2009

Silenced bagpiper aims to change Dunedin bylaws

2:04 pm on 4 February 2009

A Dunedin bagpiper forced into silence because of noise complaints met with the city's mayor on Wednesday and said he will try to change Dunedin's bylaws.

Champion bagpiper Simon McLean, 21, had been busking in the city for six years without any problems, until Sunday, when he was told by acouncil noise control officer to stop busking for 72 hours or risk having his bagpipes confiscated.

Despite his popularity with tourists and locals, Dunedin mayor Peter Chin told him the council must adhere to city bylaws and the Resource Management Act if it receives complaints.

Mr McLean said the rules defy common sense and it is stupid that a few people who don't like bagpipes can ruin the enjoyment of those who do.

He has asked a city councillor to help him draft a bylaw amendment for the council to consider.

Mr McLean said he has been heartened by the support he has received from the community.